Eugene Oregon

Eugene is a city in Oregon, located in the south end of the Willamette Valley. Home to more than 156,185 people, Eugene is the second largest city in Oregon.  It lies between Skinner Butte to the north of downtown  and Spencer Butte to the South. The senenic Willamette River running through the heart of Eugene and then joining the McKenzie River just north of town.

Eugene Oregon is home to The University of Oregon, the university is home to the Northwest-focused Museum of Natural and Cultural History and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, known for its Asian collections.

The city  integrates the surrounding natural environment through extensive parks and path systems, so no matter where you stay in the city, you're immersed in dynamic beauty of the great Northwest. It is no wonder it is "A Great City for the Art and Outdoors."

Cultural Organizations

Eugene is home to the Eugene Symphony, Eugene Ballet, Eugene Opera, Eugene Concert Choir and more. These are just a few of the cultural organizations you can find here.


Oregon is recognized for its amazing hand-crafted brews, local hops and skilled brewmasters. Oregon brewers benefit from the Willamette Valley's rich agricultural basin and the pure water of the McKenzie River. 

Track and Field

Eugene has been the "Track and Field" capital of the world for nearly 40 years. They are scheduled to host the World Athletics Championships Oregon 22 event in July 2022. Eugene will be the first city to host the World Championships in the United States. 

Recreational Activities

Eugene is known for it's bicycling, running/jogging and hiking trails as well as rafting and kayaking.

Saturday Market

Eugene is home to the country's first "Saturday Market" founded in 1970. It still runs every Saturday from April - November. 


Eugene is home to Lane Community College, Bushnell University and the University of Oregon, GO DUCKS!! 

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